Input & Output Devices

:sparkles: updated for the latest evaluation standards!

  • Individual assignment
    • Measure something: Add a sensor to a microcontroller board and read it.
    • Add an output device to a microcontroller board and program it to do something.
    • Document your work

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate workflows used in sensing something with input device(s) and MCU board.
  • Demonstrate workflows used in controlling an output device(s) with MCU board.

Have you?

  • Documented what you learned from interfacing an input device(s) to microcontroller and how the physical property relates to the measured results.
  • Documented what you learned from interfacing output device(s) to microcontroller and controlling the device(s)
  • Explained the programming process/es you used.
  • Explained problems and how you fixed them
  • Included original design files and source code
  • Included a ‘hero shot/video’ of your board


Is it ok to use the embedded LED in the microcontroller board as an output device for this assignment?

Answer: No, you need to do more.

:wink: Have feedback? Open an issue!

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